Focusing on the current situation in Uganda, environment degradation as a result of poor waste management practices is at steady climb; this is due to many environmental hazardous agents. However, polymer products constitute 70% of the total cause of the tragedy. This is not because the country has many polyethylene or plastic dealers but simply because of poor waste management culture practices and system.

The impacts and consequences of poor waste management are already being experienced across Uganda’s towns and cities. CESI concludes that human activity primarily related to poor waste management culture practices and system is largely responsible. While this will affect everyone, it is expected to have a disproportionate on those living in Public and communal places like Hospitals and Health centers, schools, markets, residential areas, organization grounds and industrial areas.

On this therefore CESI with its partner and affiliate members contribute to mitigate the waste management challenges in Uganda towns and cities through our Drive where CESI unveiled an Initiative dubbed “The Zero Garbage Drive” The Initiative is to be implemented as part of the CESI’s Adapt plus Mechanism on Waste Management and its Sustainability.

The strategy, dubbed “The Zero Garbage Drive” is to assist the CESI put in focus most waste management issues in their noble human and developmental mandates.

The Strategy aims at ensuring a healthy and wealthy environment for all, and also the enhancement and promotion of the quality of the environment through the demonstration and facilitation of sound environmental practices towards sustainable waste management.