Are you passionate about sustainability and the environment? Do you watch documentaries and public speakers inspiring others to be good earth citizens and think you could do that too? Well here is your chance.

CESI is looking for young people aged 18-35 to join the Young Sustainability Ambassador program who are:

Working or volunteering in the sustainability sector, researching or simply passionate about sustainability issues in the local community or on a global scale.

The Young Sustainability Ambassador program empowers a generation of young sustainability advocates, and an experienced generation of long-term volunteers, to;

  • craft and deliver powerful stories for change;
    • develop tools for personal impact on global issues in sustainability;
      • and inspire a younger generation to act;

You must be willing to share stories to improve the understanding of sustainability on a local and global scale interested in being trained to speak confidently and charismatically to school students, the public, media, peers and across generations.
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Executive Director - CESI. A graduate of Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Management from Makerere University, with a post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety from Exceed Institute of Occupational Health and Safety Kampala Uganda Management Institute. He has over 10 years of continuous engagement as an Environmentalist and overtime he has developed experience both Local and International as Enviro-Climate Change Analyst. He also hosts a TV Show program called Eyes on Environment-Uganda’s Environmental TV Show showing every Wednesday from 9-10pm on Shiloh TV.

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