Will you stand with us and support the One Million Tree Planting Agenda campaign as in support of the realization of “The Green Uganda Environment Strategy”,  where the campaign aims to plant more than one million trees throughout the country every year with the target to be increased to 10 Million trees in a period of ten years from 2014-2024?

In 2013, we launched the One Million Tree Planting Agenda campaign to help us achieve our development goal on Climate Change and Biodiversity (A post-2015 ‘milestone’ on Environment and Sustainability) in response to the threat of global warming!!

At Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Initiative we are deeply concerned about global environmental crisis and the threat of climate change impacts (global warming) especially among the developing countries with large population of vulnerable and marginalised groups, such as women and children.

You can’t believe that in every 30 seconds a climatic disasters (drought, rising sea level, ice melting, tornado, land/mud slides, earthquakes, wild fire, tsunami, cyclone, typhoon, floods, pest & disease outbreak, heat wave, hunger and starvation) happens and one person dies somewhere in the world. And this is because of human activities on the environment primarily use of fossil fuels, deforestation and poor agricultural practices.

You can stop this from happening by planting a tree at your workplace, school, and home and in your community or use of renewable energy technology and improved agriculture practices.

Will you support us to reach 10 million planted trees by 2024? www.cesiug.org/getinvolved

We believe now is the time to stand up and ACT by asking our leaders to show leadership in Climate Action! #ACTNOW