Background and objectives: 
This program is an initiative of CESI with an objective of empowering vulnerable urban youth groups for improved socio-economic inclusion and development and quickly became part of CESI’s strategy on youth.  The overarching goal of program is to be a youth led development project in which peers educate and support each other.  It is based on Asset Based Community Development in which the assets of the youth in Uganda are looked at rather than solely their needs, such that the youth realize the potential they have within themselves and the opportunities available to them in their communities rather than looking at what they are lacking or what their communities do not have.

What makes this program different from other entrepreneurship programs is that it goes further than the traditional concept of income generation.  It combines both the practicalities of making money with the desire to create a better community by including topics such as environmentally and socially beneficial entrepreneurship and allows for connections and relationships to be created with private sector companies. It also gives the youth hands on experience in the sector they hope to integrate into.  The peer training aspect is also a new idea which gives the youth a feeling of equality and openness that may not be felt when in traditional adult-youth training programs.

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