Eyes on Environment is Uganda’s Environmental TV Show and global online discussion for Institutions, CSOs, UN and other International Development Agencies, Companies, Individuals and the General Public who are committed to develop a common Communication platform for Enviro-Climate Change Business in Uganda and beyond.

The Show takes general viewers through diverse Environmental issues both home and abroad from the people’s point of view on Environment and its Sustainability, with best Environmental Filmmakers, Photographers and Investigators who brings the Show with innovative, investigative tales and unforgettable events. With unique and often unexpected access, the stories ignite discussions and open dialogues about environmental issues relevant in today’s society.

It covers  Current Affairs and Investigated stories both home and abroad focusing on Environment and its Sustainability and in-depth analysis of all practical activities on Environmental Degradation and its Management, Climate Change effects (Global Warming), Sustainable Development Goals review, Global Disaster Event Indices, Energy Industry (Renewable & Non Renewable  Technology), Waste Management and its Sustainability, Recycling Industry, Food Security & Agriculture, Water, Health and Sanitation, Urban Risk & Planning,  Social Impacts & Resilience, Risk Identification & Assessment, Economics of  Disaster Risk Reduction, Enviro-Climate Change Conferences/Trainings Updates, UN and International Development Agencies, Civil Society Organisations groups’ intervention on Enviro-Climate Change business.

Hosted by Anthony Twinomugisha a renowned Environ-Climate Change Analyst and Executive Director-CESI, the show connects biggest names in Enviro-Climate Scientists alongside other Professionals, SDGs and Environmental Advocates, Business and Technology leaders,            (Bi-Partisan) Political leaders and live Participants as Show Contributors on one platform to discuss the epic challenges we are facing, the progress we are making, and the events we are witnessing with the Global Environmental Crisis.

The Show demonstrates sensitivity and understanding of the Enviro-Climate  Change events, projects which shape the everyday lives of the viewers, key Uganda’s and Global Environmental issues are captured and  discussed in details. Panelists, Guests, Participants and Contributors of the show collaborate and drive the future of Show, expanding the Model to the National, Regional and Global Level, as well as making it the preferred Communications model and, ultimately, the Global Enviro-Climate Change Voice platform.

Filmed and recorded in an Area of focus, it therefore showcases Uganda’s and Global Community efforts towards Environmental Conservation and its Challenges. Produced in series, created by a team of experts who are also Investigators alongside other Environmentalists from  Centre  for Environmental Sustainability and Initiative and it stars different expert guests. 


Here you can watch all of our Old Episodes and Recent Episode. You can order DVDs of old episodes for free. You can order online, or by calling our subscriptions agency on:   +256 772 955 877

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Other Media Broadcasting Houses are welcome to syndicate our content, in exchange for News in form feature stories on their TV’s and website, or in their production and broadcasting. We ask to be credited as follows:

This video footage originally appeared in Eyes on Environment Documentary, the Uganda’s Environmental TV Show Produced by Eyes on Environment Media Centre.

Please also include a link to our homepage and, where possible, our logo. We don’t have the rights to pass on our video footages and photos, but we can give you information on where we sourced them.

You can read our full Terms & Conditions, here.

For more information, please Call/Sms on +256 772 955 877


Eyes on Environment TV Show?

Our viewership includes Sustainability professionals, Policy makers and Students, SDGs and Environmental Advocates, Business and Technology leaders, (Bi-Partisan) Political leaders and the general public with a keen eye on the world they want to live in.

Our regional reach is growing through online video footage syndication deals with other Media Houses and websites in Europe, US, Asia and Africa as a whole.

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