Leadership skills, Environmental Knowledge, Advocacy strategies  for Development. (LEAD Program)           An independent, research, implementation and policy program for Sustainable Development

If you are looking to build or expand your knowledge around Environment and Development Integration, (Climate Change issues),Good Governance, Policy & Advocacy (Sustainable Leadership), Natural Resource Management & Peoples Participation, Training, awareness and Knowledge sharing,Business (Environmental and Entrepreneurship Programs-EEP), then you have come to the right place.  Enroll for any one of our courses and join growing alumni of the LEAD Program at CESI virtual school.

Benefits of registration include a full house of access to a virtual library, accessible from anywhere. Share your thoughts and bounce off ideas in discussions on hot topics with colleagues on super interactive digital discussion platforms. Sharpen your knowledge and skills under the mentorship of dedicated practicing instructors/facilitators with cutting edge comprehension on specific topics on climate change mitigation, adaptation, finance and technology, Advocacy and development trainings, Climate Financial and entrepreneurship literacy. Available Courses

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This introductory on-line course presents the Earth’s climate system, the basic science behind climate change, the vulnerability aspects and politics of global climate change. This 4 weeks course consists of 4 modules released on the website at a rate of one module per week. Course topics include the Introduction to Climate Change: The Science behind the Phenomenon, the science and politics of global warming, Policy and Regulation, climate change impacts on Africa, Climate Risks to Development Projects, Conclusion and Next Steps. All the reading, course material and assessments are on-line; there are no regularly scheduled class meetings. CESI provides printable lecture notes, a virtual forum for students to engage in discussion groups, weekly group and individual assignments as well as links to additional material. This is an introductory course and there are no prerequisites.

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